Back to School – Parking Lot Safety

It’s already August and students are beginning to head back to school.  We all know this year is going to be different from anything we have experienced in recent history.  We want to say  THANK YOU to all the teachers and staff who are on the front lines keeping our kids safe!!!  Here are a few “Back to School – Parking Lot Safety Tips” we hope will help make this a safe school year for all.  #PavingBR

Back to school Trips for Students
  1. Don’t jaywalk.  Cross at designated crossing areas.
  2. Be alert….Ditch the Distractions of Phones or music.
  3. Listen for vehicles, crossing guard directions, or emergency sirens.
  4. Make eye contact with drivers.  Make sure they see you before you cross.
  5. Avoid walking through parking lots, if possible.  Small students can be difficult for drivers to see.
  6. Walk on sidewalks when possible.
  7. Look both ways before crossing street or roadway.
  8. Follow the instructions of the crossing guard.
  9. Always walk; never run.
  10. Always wear a helmet when riding a bike.
  11. Always walk your bike across streets or roadways.

Back to School Tips for Parents
  1. Map out your Students walking path to school and review it with them.
  2. Set Good Examples…..Don’t Jay walk, obey traffic signs, be alert
  3. Dress your children in bright colors, especially at night or in poor weather
  4. Stay in your vehicle unless you need to go into the school.
  5. Leave as soon as you drop- off or pick-up your student.
  6. Hold your students hand if you are walking with them.  This is especially true for young children.
  7. Do not congregate with other parents or staff in the parking lot.
  8. Educate your child on different traffic signs…..Make it a game!!!
  9. Be aware of the school’s policies on pick-up and drop-off
  10. Park in designated areas.  Many schools have lots reserved for faculty and staff.
  11. Obey faculty and Staff Members
  12. Don’t park in loading zones, Disabled Parking Spots, or near crosswalks.

Back to school Tips for Drivers
  1. Drive extra cautiously around schools.
  2. Follow the posted speed limits and obey school zones.
  3. Stay Alert….Avoid Distractions such as phones or loud music.
  4. Pay attention to School Buses and never pass a stopped school bus.
  5. Make eye contact with students when possible.
  6. Obey Crossing guards.
  7. Use your turn signals.
  8. Use extra caution when backing.
  9.  Set Good examples for others.

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